SSM BizTrust: Building Trust and Credibility in the Digital Landscape


4/19/20242 min read

What is SSM BizTrust?

SSM BizTrust is a unique QR code generated by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) that allows businesses to showcase their corporate digital identity. This QR code is specifically designed to be readable by the MySSM app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

How does it work?

Once a business obtains the SSM BizTrust QR code, they can display it on their website, social media profiles, or any other digital platform. When a user scans the QR code using the MySSM app, they will be able to view important information about the business, such as their registration details, business activities, and contact information.

The SSM BizTrust QR code serves as a digital representation of a business's identity and credibility. It provides customers and potential partners with a convenient way to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of a business.

Benefits of SSM BizTrust

There are several benefits to using SSM BizTrust for businesses:

  1. Enhanced credibility: By displaying the SSM BizTrust QR code, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to transparency and accountability. This can help build trust and confidence among customers and partners.

  2. Easy verification: The MySSM app allows users to quickly and easily verify the registration details of a business. This can help prevent fraud and ensure that customers are dealing with legitimate businesses.

  3. Efficient communication: The SSM BizTrust QR code includes contact information for the business, making it easy for customers to get in touch. This can improve customer service and streamline communication.

  4. Increased visibility: Displaying the SSM BizTrust QR code on digital platforms can help businesses attract more customers and partners. It serves as a mark of credibility and professionalism.

How to obtain SSM BizTrust?

Obtaining SSM BizTrust is a straightforward process, go to

  1. SSM4u (e-Search)

You might need to register as user first.

Overall, SSM BizTrust is an innovative solution that allows businesses in Malaysia to showcase their corporate digital identity and build trust among customers and partners. By displaying the SSM BizTrust QR code, businesses can enhance their credibility, improve communication, and increase visibility in the digital landscape.

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