MyTax e-Services

The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (HASiL) will gradually mandate the use of electronic services (e-Services) for services provided online through the MyTax Portal starting from 1 September 2023.


Kong Hui

5/11/20241 min read


In line with the system transformation and digitization of the tax service and the commitment to improve our customer service, the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (HASiL) will gradually mandate the use of electronic services (e-Services) for services provided online through the MyTax Portal starting from 1 September 2023.

The mandatory implementation of e-Services in stages is also one of HASiL's efforts in implementing the elements of Awareness, Education and Services (A.E.S.) in serving customers.  Our customer service officers will assist the taxpayers present at the HASiL Service Counter in taxation matters as well as to help preparing the taxpayers to fully utilize the e-Services by 1st January 2024.

The implementation of the mandatory use of e-Services is aimed to:

  1. Provide easy, secure and fast access to taxpayers in carrying out their tax affairs without having to attend HASiL's office.

  2. Increase the level of efficiency of HASiL services to customers.

e-Services That Will Be Made Mandatory

The following is the information of the list of e-Services that are required to be used in stages starting 1 September 2023:

  1. Individual - IG

  2. Company - C

  3. Employer - E

  4. Partnership - D

  5. Limited Liability Partnership - PT

  6. and others ....