Sharing resources

Tangible Resources:

  • Financial Resources: This includes things like grants, funding opportunities, or access to shared budgets for collaborative projects.

  • Physical Resources: This could be shared equipment, or facilities or office space/address.

  • Technological Resources: This encompasses access to software, databases, or other technological tools that can benefit members.

    • Many software subscription are expensive and underutilised.

Intangible Resources:

  • Expertise and Knowledge: The alliance can offer access to training programs, workshops, or mentorship from experienced members.

  • Networking Opportunities: Members can benefit from introductions and connections to new partners, clients, or collaborators.

  • Market Access: The alliance can help members reach new markets or customer segments through its combined reach and reputation.

  • Credibility and Reputation: Being part of a well-established alliance can enhance a member's credibility and brand image.

A Connected Team
A Connected Team

What do we offer

  • Website - You don't have to maintain a separate website

  • Facebook Page - You don't have to maintain one by yourself

  • Telegram - You don't have to maintain one by yourself

  • Common identity - enhance the branding and image to potential clients

  • Software - If can share, why invest

  • KnowHow - If other has done it before, probably better than you, why spend time to re-invent the wheel

What is next:

Join us as a member of AmazingCFO

Joining fee, Join now before it goes up again (was RM1,000 only )

Next 2 seats only at RM1,150-00 (as more benefits and value added)

Thereafter RM1,300-00

Benefit as a member
  • Your profile will be available in the website.

  • You can share to others content in the website / Telegram etc as if your own company;

  • Share marketing materials and information

  • Regular exchange of technical and relevant information

  • Increase client base through Alliance referrals with common marketing and branding platform

  • Enhance profile with the objective to attract more quality client and staff

  • Expand or diversify existing services and intellectual capacities to face the increasingly competitive environment.

  • You will be part of the owner of the Brand "AmazingCFO".

More to come...

Let's comment and feedback for things to happen and we make it happes together.

Value > RM2,000

  • Microsoft 365 ID for email with 50GB mailbox and 1TB OneDrive For Business + use of SharePoint

  • QNE AI Cloud Accounting subscription RM130 x 12 mths

  • SimpleBase workspace (worth USD 69.00) with AI Chatbot Integration

  • Many other tools available for us to share...