ESG Services

Given the increasing importance of ESG compliance for SMEs in Malaysia, firms like can provide a wide range of valuable services to help them navigate this complex landscape. Here are some of the key services they could offer:

  1. ESG Assessment and Gap Analysis:

  • Assess the SME's current ESG performance against industry benchmarks and best practices.

  • Identify gaps in their ESG practices and areas for improvement.

  • Develop a prioritized roadmap for ESG implementation.

  1. ESG Strategy Development:

  • Help SMEs integrate ESG considerations into their overall business strategy.

  • Define clear ESG goals and objectives aligned with the company's mission and values.

  • Develop actionable plans to achieve these goals.

  1. Carbon Footprint Calculation and Management:

  • Calculate the SME's carbon footprint using recognized methodologies.

  • Identify opportunities for reducing emissions and energy consumption.

  • Develop and implement carbon reduction strategies.

  1. Sustainability Reporting:

  • Assist SMEs in preparing sustainability reports that comply with Bursa Malaysia's requirements or other relevant frameworks (e.g., GRI).

  • Ensure accurate and transparent disclosure of ESG performance.

  • Communicate ESG progress to stakeholders in a clear and compelling way.

  1. Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Facilitate engagement with key stakeholders, such as investors, customers, employees, and suppliers, on ESG issues.

  • Develop communication strategies to address stakeholder concerns and build trust.

  • Incorporate stakeholder feedback into ESG decision-making.

  1. Training and Capacity Building:

  • Provide training to SME employees on ESG concepts, principles, and practices.

  • Build internal capacity to manage and report on ESG performance.

  • Foster a culture of sustainability within the organization.

  1. ESG Certification and Assurance:

  • Guide SMEs through the process of obtaining ESG certifications, such as B Corp or ISO 14001.

  • Provide assurance services to verify the accuracy and credibility of ESG data and claims.

  1. Access to Finance and Investment:

  • Help SMEs identify and access financing opportunities linked to ESG performance, such as green loans or sustainability-linked bonds.

  • Connect SMEs with impact investors who are interested in supporting sustainable businesses.

  1. Ongoing Support and Monitoring:

  • Provide ongoing support and guidance to SMEs as they implement their ESG strategies.

  • Monitor ESG performance and identify emerging risks and opportunities.

  • Help SMEs adapt to evolving ESG regulations and standards.

By partnering with ESG service professionals like, SMEs can gain access to the expertise and resources needed to effectively navigate the ESG landscape, improve their sustainability performance, and unlock new business opportunities.

Exemplary ESG framework
Exemplary ESG framework

A holistic approach to ESG recognizes the interconnectedness of environmental, social, and governance factors. It goes beyond simply meeting compliance requirements and instead integrates ESG considerations into every aspect of a company's operations and strategy. This involves considering the long-term impacts of decisions, engaging with stakeholders, and continuously measuring and improving ESG performance. By adopting a holistic approach, companies can build resilience, mitigate risks, enhance their reputation, and create lasting value for all stakeholders.